Hangers & Hooks

Hangers are designed in the shape of human shoulders to facilitate the hanging of torso-wear like coats, jackets, shirts, blouses etc., in a manner in which it prevents wrinkles with a lower bar with or without clips/clamps for hanging trousers, skirts etc. There are many types of hangers in the market, which serves different purposes according to you requirement; wire hangers, wooden hangers, plastic hangers, clip hangers, metal hangers, multi-hangers etc.

At SENSA Solutions, we make it our priority to provide you with high-quality and standard hangers & hooks which can boost your business! We provide unique, innovative and creative solutions which can set your brand apart from your competition!

Uses of Hangers and Hooks

  • Prevents Wrinkling of Cloths
  • Efficient Packing in Tight Spaces
  • Better Visual Presentation
  • Easy Selection Mode