Flashers & Hangtags

When used properly, flashers and hangtags can be the most useful marketing tool in the retail sector. Flashers and hangtags carry useful information to consumers which can finalize the sale of the product. Usually, a cheaper flasher or hangtag can convey the wrong message about the product to the consumer, creating a negetive image for your product and your brand.

At SENSA Solutions, we make it our priority to provide you with high-quality and standard flashers and hangtags which can boost your business! We provide unique, innovative and creative solutions which can set your brand apart from your competition!

Uses of Flashers & Hangtags

  • Market Brand Name & Brand Awareness
  • Showcase Pricing to Help Consumers
  • Identify the Materials of a Product, Especially for Eco-Friendly Products
  • Highlight Your Product from Similar Products